La cabaña del guardian
«The hut of the guard»,
The idea of this installation within the framework of the cemetery of barows, is a hut of the guard of the cemetery and flora of Chile, very rich and put at hard test these last years, many species are in the process of disappearance !

The installation consists of a timber structure, and plantations. The structure is carried out with branches, or trunks found in the area. A portion of the central piece is covered with corn canes (collected on the field), assembled according to the technique of construction of the local barows.
The refining of alignments of the canes is carried out using Raphia.

Maximum height 5 meters, scale approximately 8 meters. The circle circumscribes at the base is covered with black local stones, broken, in order to obtain clear faces and stop sharp.
At the circumference of this circle, bulbs of flowers collected, were planted on the spot. They will blossom only with the autumn, with the first rain.
Putaendo Chili 2002

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