2001 : «Absorbent» : is a notation symbolic of some difficulties related to water, which are likely to arise in a way impossible to circumvent at the third millenium.
In the Western basin is water/plants association. Because if plants - first food chain link - do not need us to thrive (contrary, we are dependent on them), they need on the other hand water like all living being on this planet.
A line of agricultural fabric bands suspended vertically above floating plants, acted as protection for the plants which we make grow for our food, catch the toxic dust of the air, and degenerated pollen.
In the Eastern basin is the permanent quality control of water. There too vertical bands soak in water and react according to the degree of pollution of the basin. The red color is like a sign of alarm and danger, for saying that water is already very sick and bleeds.

Monbazillac Dordogne 2001

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